Monday, May 30, 2011

Sometimes Wishes Do Come True

Happiness! Wild Pot will be putting mee siam and mee rubus back on their menu! After a 1 year 5 month hiatus, they have decided that the current menu needs a revamp, and are bringing back old favourites!

Be still, my heart!

When they took mee siam (actually I don't really care for the mee rubus) out of the menu in December 2009, Shiny and I were depressed. Mee siam was a staple breakfast item, and we bonded over countless of plates of the heavenly stuff. We'd always ask for extra gravy, slurp it all up, and 2 days later (mee siam used to be sold on alternate days), we'd be ready for it again.

Anyway, apparently mee siam will be on the menu next week. Next week! Whee!!!

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