Monday, May 16, 2011

Because I Am Bored At Work, I Shall Blog About Bhangra Night

The subject header says it all. Don't want to work. Want to be in bed. So shall blog about.. Bhangra Night.

Friday night started innocently enough. Met Ching for dinner after work, and it felt like one of those nights that you didn't want to go home so early. So we decided to head on to New Asia Bar since we didn't know where else to go. As New Asia Bar was crowded, we went down to City Space instead - a nice chill out place with ridiculously expensive cocktails. Everything was so steep - cocktails were $20 at happy hour prices! *gag*

Opened up a bottle of Moet instead, with Ching only having 2 glasses and me polishing off the rest of the bottle. We sat there, chit chatting about everything under the sun, and dissing Damian for ditching us. He finally called to ask if we wanted to go to Clarke Quay, and even before we could agree on the place and time to meet, Ching was calling for the bill. (Am I that boring? Hmmm.)

Anyway, we decided to walk to Clarke Quay, partially to kill time while Damian got ready and partially to sober up some. Classic drunk-Ching moment was when she saw a trishaw and wanted to hop on. "It used to cost 80 cents! I'll pay him $10! It's 1000% inflation OK!" (Gotta love drunk-Ching logic heeeheehee.) Obviously, I didn't let her hop on.

Made our way to Clarke Quay and met up with Damian, Janu and Stuart at Yello Jello. We opened 2 bottles of Belvedere (yummy) which we polished off fairly quickly. Band was awesome, the music in between sets was awesome and we spent the evening dancing and drinking and dancing and drinking. It was great music and good fun. Anyway, after a while, Janu decides that she wants to go to the Rupee Room. LOLOLOLOL.

The Rupee Room is, as the name suggests, a club that plays bollywood music and (not surprisingly) frequented by Indians. The 5 of us went in and got beers. And what a sight it was. 5 pale skinned outsiders waving our arms about amidst in a sea of Indian men and women. Shimmying and shaking. Hands pumping the air. Putting what little knowledge we had of bollywood dance moves to good use. Lol.

It was hilarious, and oh so ironic that I was there. I had fun though, but was glad when the night was over and we made our way back home.

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