Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bombay Bombings, Getting Lucky and Utter Lies

I'm back in Singapore and thanks to everyone who was worried that I might have been in Bombay during the bombings yesterday. I guess those worried do not read this space (otherwise they would have known my destination haha) so the thanks here is actually quite pointless. Hur hur. But anyways.

Took the red eye flight back from Delhi and was lucky enough to be seated near an empty row. As soon as the announcement that all doors were locked, I pounced on the empty seats and smugly waited till the plane took off.

Made myself comfortable and lay down, cancelled my in flight meal and got ready to take a nap. Managed to catch a couple of zzzs but woke up midway and watched some episodes of The Big Bang Theory in between dozing off. And I must say I was very, very lucky as I think I was the only one who got to lie down on the flight back. Not including first class people I guess.

What tickled me, though, was that none of the air stewardesses covered me tenderly (or otherwise) with a blanket as I prepared to settle down for the night. What happened to all the ads that I've seen? Were they all lies? Lol.

Ah well, it's good to be back. Now all I've got to do is collect my luggage and I can head back to home sweet home.

Will write more about Delhi and the pretty awesome Terminal 3 later.

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