Thursday, July 14, 2011

Delhi Summarised (Really Badly)

Am feeling a little lazy so shall write in point form.

- driver took me to a place called 1 Cafe Lounge so I could have my lunch. It was a nice place, with club-y music, a crowd that looked like they were college kids, and relatively decent food. Oh and shisha too (although they called it hookah). Not one of the cheapest places, but it was decent, and it allowed me to have a couple of hours on my own.
- started writing. In a journal. Pen on paper. And it was interesting. Might want to keep that up.
- could barely finish my meal though, nothing seemed to sit well in my tummy.
- the next day, a different driver takes me to THE SAME PLACE for lunch. Methinks they get a commission bringing customers.
- had another shisha and wrote some more.
- managed to finish my lunch this time.
- eventually made my way to Terminal 3 to check in for my flight. The new terminal is huuuuge and pretty impressive. The only thing lacking was that there was no free wifi- you'd need to have an Indian mobile number to get 20 free minutes. I was tempted to try it with my local sim card, but it was late and no one I wanted to chat with would be online anyways.
- plus I wasn't sure if I could get free internet again when I come back in August- so decided to save it for later. TFP might want to blog at the airport so can always let him use my sim card to log in lol.
- lots of food, lots of shops, lots of wide open space. Probably the first time in Delhi that I didn't feel how densely populated the country was.
- T3 reminded me of Changi Airport and I found out later it's because they poached all the CAAS folks to work there. No wonder la.

.. Next trip to Bangalore. Bleh.

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