Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why Having A Doctor Friend Can Be A Good Or Bad Thing

Just spent the last 5 minutes chatting to EYS about how my fever isn't subsiding and asking him if I should go out and get more meds (yes). It's so convenient having a doctor friend, all your medical needs answered via MSN!

However, doctors being doctors, he warned me that if I'm still not getting better I should get a blood test done for malaria or dengue fever. And when he said that, I looked at the 10 mossie bites on my arms that was a welcome present from good ol' humid Kolkata. Argh.

So please, don't be dengue or malaria cos that would suck big time. Having battled chikugunya way back in 2008, I know how horrible it is. The fevers, the rashes, the aching, Argh. *pray pray pray that I get well today*

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