Sunday, July 10, 2011

India Hates Me, I Swear

I finally land in Delhi and the airport is a vast difference from the chaotic mess at Kolkata. It's much larger, much more orderly, and so much more cleaner. Lol. Plus, it helps that I called for the hotel to send a car to pick me up. So no need to hustle with cab drivers trying to rip you off.

It was a pleasant ride to the hotel, and the driver was quite chatty, happily pointing out temples and monuments and the like. I get to the hotel and checking in is a breeze (I have breakfast included- YAY!) and I ask about the internet.

"Oh ma'am there is internet in the lobby. But internet in the room is not working. Sorry ma'am."

W.T.F. For a business hotel, wadya mean there is no internet in the room?! How am I supposed to get any work done?! Does India hate me?! :(

So here I am, sitting in the restaurant (thankfully I've not eaten), having a kingfisher beer and doing work (ok I'm blogging) while having my dinner. I hope the internet in the room works when I get back up.