Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why I Love Travel Insurance

Being sick while on an overseas work trip sucks. You're all alone in a foreign land, and you still need to have enough energy to survive hour long car rides to your appointment and back. Add a fever to that, and you've got one really sick and miserable bunny.

Called a doctor to the hotel, and man, do they overcharge for house calls. I paid 20 times what I would have paid if I had dragged my ass out to the pharmacy to stock up on meds (by the way, LGG, I got tonnes of aspirin. We can do facial! Lol.)

But thank god for travel insurance. At least I can claim on whatever medical bills I incur while I'm overseas. I have half a mind to check myself in to the hospital because my fever won't go down, despite finishing up the entire strip of Crocin that was prescribed. I want my mommy. Of course, who knows about foreign hospitals. I'd rather stay in the hotel room and sleep. At least I know I'll be safe.

Anyway, one more day to go and I'll be on the flight back to Singapore. Hopefully I'll be allowed on the plane.

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