Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some Positivity

Apparently people are complaining that I'm being too whiny. On my blog. My happiness blog. Lol. So I have decided to write a blog entry with a little bit of positivity, and also to help pass time (it's too early to sleep).

One of the plus sides to having a non-stop fever is the flushed face. No need to use any blush! And it's all natural too. And you physically exude warmth. Lol.

When you look as miserable and sick as I do (but still cute, thanks to the flushed face), everyone treats you that much nicer. The waiter at the breakfast place this morning offered to bring food up to my room, because I barely finished the slice of bread on my plate.

And the shivering and aching pains aside, it's actually quite trippy to be sick. Wobbling down the corridor to my room was an adventure, and trying to recognise my door was a challenge. At least it put my brain to good use. Lol. No more taking my (already pathetic) sense of balance for granted!

36 more hours to endure and I'll be home, sweet home. Always nice to have something to look forward to. :)

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