Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shoot Me, Please

I'm off to India again tomorrow night, and I'm wondering if I should do a Daren. Based on my last trip where I constantly ordered pizza for dinner, I'm quite certain that I'm off Indian food. I still think it's tasty, but perhaps all the negative association I have with India has made me feel rather meh about their cuisine. I certainly wasn't able to finish my idly for breakfast the last time I was in Bangalore. Lol.

So what's doing a Daren?

During one of my first work trips to India in 2009, I traveled with a colleague (the aforementioned Daren) who brought bei bei mian and luncheon meat and canned sardines. He refused to eat anything outside the hotel (in fact, the only hotel food he ate was the hotel breakfast) and even with all his Singapore-brought instant foods, he fell sick. It was rather embarrassing.

Knowing that I'll be in India for a full two weeks now feels like more of a chore (despite the fact that half of it will be my holiday, lol) and I'm worried I'll be miserable about the food situation. So I'm contemplating bringing a stash of bei bei mian, in case I get sick of the food.

Who would have thought I'd come to this, eh? Lol.

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