Saturday, July 23, 2011

Free Wifi Is Always A Good Thing

At the airport in Bangalore waiting for my flight home, and I can't wait to leave this place. Actually, apart from the sobfest when I arrived, things have been quite alright.

Went to Peco's, Harry's, Couch, and Koshy's, and also discovered a new coffee place (which I forget the name) that has free wi fi. Did a bit of shopping too, and got me a pair of jeans and 4 t-shirts for cheap, so that was pretty nice.

Decided it was quite pointless to meet up with him. He got in touch, saying he read my blog and knew I was in town, and asked to meet up and maybe explain.

Explain? What's to explain?

And later, he said it would be good to get some closure. And when I asked, closure for you? He said yeah. Wah lau eh, self centered much? He also made a comment which made me just go wide eyed, saying that he knew I just wanted to punish him. Lol. I'm not that bo liao leh.

Perhaps if he had said something along the lines of, let's try to be friends or let's both get some closure, I might have been compelled to meet up. But.. he didn't. In fact, he came across as someone who felt guilty and just wanted to make himself feel better. Sigh.

Wanting closure or wanting to explain came three months too late. If there was any sincerity in what he was saying or doing, he would have gotten in touch earlier, rather than when I was conveniently in town.

So I chose a lazy evening in bed instead, chatting with my friends on MSN and generally being amazed at how he thought everything was about him.

.. Anyway, one more work trip to India and I'm done. Phew!

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