Monday, July 4, 2011

Happiness Is Getting Approval For Work Trips

So pleased. My work trips have been approved! Well, I kind of knew they would have been, except that Oscar spoke to me on Friday. He said he wanted to discuss my strategy (my only strategy was to go to cities that were fun and also to new places that I had never been to before) and perhaps I didn't need to go to all the cities I had planned.

Cue major panic cos my Ladakh tickets had already been booked.

But of course, I R CLEVER and VERY SMARTS. So I went to speak to him this morning, and discussed my strategy (without actually having to write it down in a proposal. Wahahahah I IS SO BIG BRAIN.)

Identified problems, nay, challenges. Proposed ideas on how to tackle these challenges. Gave him feedback. Actually had a dialogue and engaged him. Without rolling my eyes too!

I think what he wanted to know was that I wasn't blindly following routine. That I wasn't just going for the sake of going (erm actually..). And yes, I managed to convince him that I had a plan.


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