Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Can You Do With $1092?

21840 SMSes
728 cans (if you're buying them individually) or 1092 cans (if you're buying them by the 6-pack) or 1820 cans (if you're buying them by the case) of red bull
546 items at Daiso
546 double cheeseburgers from Macdonald's
160 grande Starbucks lattes

Buy one fucking single King Koil mattress. *sigh*


hotpinkchick said...

That's very ex for single! Gee, I paid 300 for a slumberland divan with mattress and less than 600 for a queen simmons! Helps to have friends working in the hotel industry!

bunnygoeszen said...

I suck. Have no time to go mattress shopping so just popped in to Robinson's (not the best place, I know) and got one that felt nice and firm. They only had King Koil I think.