Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Of Faith And Intellectual Reasoning

Ok this is getting a little creepy. I've been having this similar conversation with too many people recently, that I thought I'd just blog about it here and direct anyone else who wants to discuss this topic here.

It's 2.25am so excuse me if my thoughts aren't very coherent.

Lots of people have been asking me whether I'm going to "unconvert" now that I'm no longer with my soon-to-be-ex-husband (aka the Ex). I tell them no, religion is a personal choice and they all look at me like I'm missing out on something. What, the booze? Bak kut teh?

Come on, people! I've been boozing since I was 14 (what's the legal age?) 18! I've been there, done that. And honestly, I don't really miss the hangovers and dehydration. Getting high? I'm high enough on my own company. Lol.

Pig meat? You know, once you start cutting meat out of your diet, your body adjusts and suddenly, dead animal flesh isn't all that appealing anymore. I'm not vegetarian, don't worry, it's just that I've noticed the changes in my body when I eat less meat. And the changes are GOOD- you feel better, you poop better and your energy levels are generally higher.

Then, somehow in the discussion, we'll start talking about our religious beliefs.

It's very simple to me. I believe in God. In ONE God, the same God that created the world bla bla bla. To me, Christianity, Juadism, and Islam all believe in the SAME God. It's just that somewhere down the line, (hmm how do I put this without offending anyone), some humans interfered and there were changes in the message of God, among other things.

(I'm not so familiar with Judaism so I won't talk about it here. And people, don't get offended. It's MY point of view, with MY reasoning. You don't have to accept it.)

Message of God = Word of God = Bible or Qur'an. It's already been proven that the Bible was put together by the church and somehow no one can give me a simple and logical explanation to prove that it is truly the word of God. Islam has been able to do that. (Don't ask me though, I can't remember hahahaha.)

So logically, if one can be proven and the other can't.....

And then the argument of faith comes in. We all believe in the same God! What faith are you talking about? If you're able to admit that the Bible isn't necessarily 100% the word of God, don't give me nonsense about faith and all that when it's probably fear (fear of change, fear of being different etc) that's holding you back from embracing the truth.

(By the way, I'm not attacking anyone in particular, ok? It just peeves me sometimes.)

Of course there are other reasons other than this for my conversion. But I won't talk about it now. Anyway I think I better stop here. I'm kind of losing my train of thought and it's getting late. Not that I think I can sleep any time soon. Boo.

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Ki said...

I know I was somewhat curious, because I wasn't sure if you'd converted so you could marry him, or if it truly was your personal choice. I was glad to hear that you did convert for the 'right' reasons.

Won't go into my religious beliefs here, and you know what they are anyway.

Religion's such a sensitive, controversial subject. Why can't we all just get along?