Monday, January 5, 2009

Just Doing Things For Yourself

I enjoyed the sandwich that I had last Friday so much that I decided to head back to Canele for lunch today. Ordered the same sandwich and a pot of peppermint tea, sat down with my book and relished spending some time by myself. The sandwich was fantastic, the tea refreshing, the book engaging.

While it's been great spending time with friends and catching up and breaking out of that anti-social shell that I had built around myself last year, I thought that being able to sit down alone today and just be quiet was wonderful. No need to worry about what to say, how to respond, when to laugh.

Anyway my happy moments of the day:
Had a nice email conversation with my sister who is now in the States.
Giving her a call and getting to chat with Mark for a quick bit.
Having a delicious and healthy lunch by myself.

Junk food contributes to poor health.
I am worth more, so I eat healthy food from now on.

Got this from the daily affirmations on Ki's blog. So true!

I've been thinking about making more conscious choices about the food I eat. As quick as we are to point the finger at foods we ate that make us feel bad, we always forget that the reverse is also true. The food we eat really does determine how we feel.

Mmm salad... *slurp*


Wenzzz said...

I love Canele too! We could probably do a lunch there? :)

bunnygoeszen said...

Yup, that sounds like a good idea!

Wenzzz said...

let's see if we can do one before CNY!