Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Kerbs Are Not Safe While I'm Behind The Wheel

Happy Moments of 31012009:

- Feeling the love and support of all my friends and family after they found out that I've failed my driving test for the third time in a row (mounted the same kerb again! THE EXACT SAME KERB!). Good news is, I've had a couple of offers from friends to ferry me around. Wahahahahaha.
- Chatting with an ex-JC classmate who is now in Indonesia. Hmm actually I'm not sure if we were in the same class, but we definitely hung out a lot last time. 10 years ago! Made plans to meet up in Jakarta if and when I do travel there for work.
- Napping the entire afternoon away and being excused for it. Am emotionally delicate now because of failed driving test. Lol.

So, sorry Guppie and Yummy. Terrorising the roads will have to wait.

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