Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Really Can't Sleep

OMG I overdosed on caffeine today, taking WAY more than I really should (recommended intake: zero) and now I'm up and wide awake. I had coffee in the morning, coffee again at lunch, and tea in the afternoon.

And the result of all this caffeine coursing through my veins? Was on MSN earlier and quoting Tenacious D lyrics to all and sundry. Apparently this is the first time Cheryl has seen me like this, and she got scared away and logged off as soon as she got the chance (pleading with LGG to MAKE HER STOP!). Hehehe.

Anyway, happy moments of the day - 06012009:
-Making a new friend. There is a moment in every relationship where you sort of realise that hey, you aren't mere acquaintances and have actually become friends. Today was such.
-Meeting Peggy at (ahem) the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Actually I had tea. But tea has caffeine in it. Bad, bad me. Spent the evening catching up with her and it's always wonderful to reconnect.
-Walking to the Ex's workplace, looking smokin' hot (well done, shoes and skirt!) and smiling happily to everyone I know there. Let them tell him that I've moved on, and to a better place. Yay me!

I seriously doubt I'll be able to get any sleep tonight, and anyway there are a tonne of things I need to do. Stuff that I should have done before but didn't actually get round to doing because of my new addiction to Pet Society on Facebook. La di da.

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