Friday, January 23, 2009

Dead Molluscs And Silly Conversation

I met my mom for dinner last night after work. Called her in the afternoon to ask if she was free to go shopping for CNY-goodies and we headed to Plaza Singapura. Had dinner at Thai Express and relearned a lesson I keep forgetting- never let the hungrier person order food because you'll always order too much. Lol.

Realised that my mom was just as clueless as I was when it came to choosing CNY goodies. We've always had the good fortune of having others buy these snacks for us over the past few (say, 20?) years but circumstances have changed this year and now we have to settle it ourselves.

Walked about quite aimlessly as we had no idea where to even start and eventually decided to just get some abalone and then worry about the cookies etc another time. (Yes, I know CNY is just what, 3 days away?)

My sister called and we made our way to TCC because she hadn't eaten and I had my favourite Azuki freeze. Mom had a pot of tea and my sis had the lasagne and Azuki freeze too. It was wonderful just sitting there, talking and laughing, and making the silliest jokes about the silliest things.

Happy Moments of 22012009
- Calling my dad on the phone and having a silly conversation with him, demanding to know how much he missed me.
- Being able to chat with my mom quite candidly about men.
- Having an Azuki freeze to end the day.


Zeezee said...

oops....are your parents divorced as well???

Ki said...

It's not any of your business, but thank you for your concern.

Remember, making assumptions only ends up with you looking stupid. Why don't we get a few more facts before jumping to conclusions?

And I do feel so sorry for you. If going out with mum, and calling dad means that they're divorced...I guess you're not close to your parents such that you'll go out with them or call them, just because.

You have my deepest sympathy. Having parents you're close to, even as an adult? It's a wondrous feeling, and my heart goes out to those who don't experience such joy in their lives.

Do take care Zeezee, and I hope your husband and child never discover just how bitter and vicious you can be.