Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Moments Of The Day

I think one of the things Ki is doing on her new blog is something fantastic- it's this "Happy moments of the day" thing, where she writes down stuff that made her happy that day. I did something similar before, writing down 3 things each day that I was thankful for, but somehow didn't manage to keep up with it.

Most of the stuff I write here are happy things anyway, but it won't kill to have more. So here are my happy moments of the day, backdated. Lol.

1 Jan 2009
Hugs all round with the family when the clock struck midnight.
Waking up and feeling happy that it was a brand new year.
Going out with my niece and buying her something she really loved.

2 Jan 2009
Having a most delicious sandwich for dinner.
Meeting up with LGG and getting Jellybean all excited about the 'notebook to the universe'.
Discussing how so many of the things we wished for came true.

3 Jan 2009
Learning how to make a simple yet tasty salad.
Hanging out at LGG's place with Yummy.
Homemade mee hoon kueh for dinner with the family.

4 Jan 2009
Homemade popiah for lunch (and dinner haha).
Chatting with my mom on the way to Compass Point to pick up some groceries.
Lying in bed reading the book, Pillars of the Earth.

Yes, I noticed a lot of the things that make me happy are food-related. Lol. So now you know the way to my heart. Hehehe.

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