Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bunny At Coffee Bean

I'm waiting for my sis, she had to go to the office for a bit to check on something and I took the bus to Vivocity after my driving lesson.

Got the uncle instructor again today and for some reason he decided to speak to me in Malay today- in broken Malay anyway (not that I'd understand even if it was grammatically correct). Bizarre.

Got me some shampoo from that shop at Harbourfront that sells shampoos and such cheap. Paid $26 for something that'd cost $38 at a salon. *grin* I love a good deal.

Hmm I'm feeling hungry now. Was late for my driving lesson because I discovered that there was chee cheong fun and chwee kwee at home. Yummy, my favourites! I've not had chee cheong fun or chwee kwee in the longest time, how could I resist?

Ooh my sister is here. Update more later.

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