Thursday, January 15, 2009

And The Claws Come Out

About my current colleagues? I must say they aren't childish or immature, unlike some people I have worked with in the past who are willing to throw away a friendship over I don't even know what. (Well if it was that easily thrown away, it wasn't much of a friendship to begin with eh?)

I know you read my blog, and I'd call you a bitch but you know, positivity and all. So I'll just stick with calling you a loser. Lol.


Wenzzz said...

so there are some losers out there reading your blog too! it's annoying isnt' it!?!?!?

bunnygoeszen said...

Yah lor

Zeezee said...

Please give me a minute while I go puke first....

One is a SINGLE desperate woman with horrible skin, trying to cover it with tons of makeup

Another is a DIVORCEE, who cannot even get pregnant.

Me? With lovely kid and happy marriage.

Now who is the loser here?

Get a life, the two of you.

Oh wait, may be not, so you two can hang out together.