Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Night of Pakistani Food, Chor Dai Di and Too Much Sheesha

Had originally made plans to have dinner with CH tonight, but she shifted our appointment to Thursday. Then made dinner and drink plans with esdee, but in the afternoon she wasn't feeling too well, and had to take a raincheck. So asked Eu Yan Sanjay if he was free, and we were going to go for food at Kailash Parbat, but he suddenly realised that he had a house viewing scheduled that he forgot about.

By this time my craving to eat Indian food was so strong (been talking about it mah), I just needed to find someone, anyone to have dinner with me.

Was online and saw that Farooq was online too, so pinged him to ask if he wanted to eat Indian food. He had just had Indian food the night before, so re-proposed Pakistani food. I'd never had Pakistani food before, so thought, why not?

Akshay was still recovering from his knee surgery, so it was just the two of us who made our way to Usman at Bussorah Street. Had a chicken dish (I forget the name, but it was Pakistani! And fried.), channa masala, haleem and naan. Also shared a sheesha. Chatted about random stuff- trekking and work mostly.

Pakistani food reminds me of Indian food, but apparently meat features in their cuisine a lot more. Farooq said that there were places is Pakistan that were like BBQ houses, and all you'd get was meat meat meat and more meat. It wasn't untasty, and did well enough to satisfy my craving. Heehee.

Eu Yan Sanjay texted to see if I wanted to meet up after his house viewing, so made plans to meet up with him after Farooq left and we made our way to Magic Carpet.

With all the NEA restrictions on sheesha smoking these days, the "smoking" tables upstairs were full and we had to settle for a table downstairs. EYS introduced me to his frend, Kenneth, and we shared a little platter of hummus and grilled haloumi. Both of us happily made fun of EYS over pints of the (cannot remember name) french beer. (The one that I had the last time I was there.) Chatted and made fun of EYS some more, and also had a sheesha to share. Actually we shared two. Lol.

One of them had a pack of cards, and we proceeded to play chor dai di.

I must say, having a deck of cards is such a brilliant idea! It's a fun way to pass time and allows you to feel relatively intellectual when you have won the round through sneaky strategising and sheer good luck. Plus you don't have to stress about awkward silences, and can just enjoy each other's company.

It was great just hanging out and chilling, and before we knew it, it was already 2am. The only problem was that it's a weeknight and all of us have to go to work the next day. But it's definitely something I'd do again. Thankfully I don't have much work to do tomorrow. Yay!

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