Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back In Singapore

Ah we almost had our flight back cancelled due to the ash cloud that was over the city. According to the news all domestic and international flights out of Perth were cancelled. But we didn't hear anything from SQ so decided to go to the airport to check it out, and behold, SQ would be heading back home (by flying *under* the ash cloud, clever buggers).

Anyway I'm back to the humidity and heat of Singapore and I must say at least I can breathe better here. My dad had me take some Chinese meds for my cough and also gave me a sweet to suck so it would soothe my throat. Might just suck it up and stick with the Chinese meds instead of going to see a western doctor, I'm not fancying taking antibiotics and having my mouth taste like chemicals.

So how was my trip to Perth? All in all, it was good. Had a great time catching up with everyone in Perth, especially Darwin (the Legend) who was my drinking kaki and took me pub hopping. I actually quite enjoyed his choice of watering holes, places that I think I'd gravitate towards if I were living there. Enjoyed having the company of someone close to my age who wasn't asking me every other moment to consider moving to Perth. Lol.

Had my moments when I was there too, and found solace in the playground at the park just near the house. Had a good sob there, when I thought about the could-have-beens and how things are not quite panning out as I thought they should have. But as Darwin says, gotta keep my head up and all will be well.

Interestingly though, when I was sitting at the playground, I seemed to be a magnet to all the dogs in the area. People would be walking their dogs and somehow the dogs would just run up to me and sorta circle around me. Were they being intuitive to the sadness that I was feeling? Perhaps.

Australia is more expensive than I thought it would be though. Perhaps I've been spoiled by the cheap food in India (and no one can beat India when it comes to cheap fare) but paying 10aud for a pint?! Coupled with the ridiculous exchange rate, oh my. Spent more this trip than I have in all my past holidays too.

I miss the vastness of it all though- being able to watch the sunrise from the front porch, clear skies dotted with fluffy white clouds (we had perfect weather when we were there and it only rained on the last day!), the lack of a billion people on the streets.

Somehow it feels like I've been away for much longer than 11 days. But it's always good to be back.

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