Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gotta Love 'Em

Was chatting with my niece and nephew this evening.

me: hi!
julia: hi aunty bona! this is julia here
me: hey juls, have you thought about what you want from singapore?
julia: can i have some ds games please?
me: sure..
ethan: hi aunty bona. this is ethan. mummy is helping me to type.
me: hi ethan! hi windy! so juls has told me what she wants, what about you?
ethan: can i have a starwars lego please?
me: alright.. so how many hugs and kisses will i get in return?
windy: in return I will give you infinity kisses and hugs - jules
me: aww
windy: Only 1 kiss from me -Ethan
me: hahahaha ok then ethan gets one piece of lego
windy: ethan decided to give u 1,000000 kisses and hugs!
me: hahahahahaha

These kids are hilarious. You just gotta love 'em.

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