Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reflections: 5 Months of 2011

So much for thinking that 2011 was going to be a stable year. In the past five months, I've come back from an amazing holiday in Krabi and a nonstop foodfest in Chennai with the grasshopper, to having my relationship with who I thought would be The One end.

Ah well, such is life.

In the past five months, I've also been reminded of the amazing love and support of the people I have around me. I've been surrounded by family and friends who have given me strength and comfort, who have laughed and cried with me, who have held my hand and head and told me that everything would be ok.

How blessed I am.

It's been interesting getting back on my feet. Keeping busy, meeting new people, getting drunk, planning holidays. Friendships with the most unexpected people have developed, and many lessons have been learnt.

With 7 months left of 2011, I daresay it'll only get better. Traveling always puts one in a good mood, and while I sometimes lament what could have been, new and exciting experiences have come in it's place. It's all good.

I'm excited to see my relatives in Perth, and while it probably won't be the most exciting and exotic holiday ever, spending time with family is always a winner. And we're finally going to Ladakh in August! Despite the many setbacks this trip seems to have taken, Ching's immense desire to go seems to have swayed the Universe to just let things fall into place.

Plus there are the year end holidays that I've yet to plan. Amazingly, even after 1.5 weeks in Perth and a week in Ladakh, I will still have 15 days of leave leftover. Amazing.

So bring it on 2011, I'm ready to tackle whatever comes my way. (As long as i get to go on my holidays ya?)

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