Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh No.. I Think I Can't Remember What I Did And When

Hmmm went to Harbour Town- a factory outlet mall, which my sister apparently went berserk at the last time. Bought 2 pair of yoga pants from Lorna Jane because I remembered Ching saying that they were comfortable. Tried them on and OMG they really are comfortable, and it was only when I was leaving the shop that I realised why they looked *so* familiar. Ching has the exact same pair (I think Jeanne too, Lol).

Took a walk at King's Park after and it's a really pretty park that overlooks the river and city of Perth. Beautiful scenery, and lovely place to hang out.

Went back home for dinner, and then went out with Darwin to King's Park again. He wanted me to have a look at the city at night, and I must say it's stunning. Well, any city at night would look amazing set against a dark night. We then went to the Lucky Shag for a couple of pints before heading home. Darwin had the misfortune of allowing me to drive his car back and he says it was the most traumatic experience ever. Lol. I do not disagree. Hahaha.

Booked myself on a day tour that would cover the Caversham Wildlife Park, Pinnacles at Cervantes and sandboarding at Lancelin. Think it was an awesome decision to go for this day tour as the drive to Cervates took a really long time. I got to sit in the front of the bus next to the driver, and as it was a 4Wd, the seat I was on was one of those bouncy seats (suspension seats? Who knows, it was fun though).

Heading to Caversham in the morning was amazing. When I went there on Monday afternoon, most of the kangaroos were lazing in the noonday sun and were sleepy and quite unresponsive. The kangaroos in the morning were alert and hungry, and literally crowded around you as you grabbed handfuls of feed. So cute! We also got to see a wombat and pet the koalas.

Made our way to visit a rock lobster farm- nothing particularly impressive, I felt it was more a tourist stop where they were selling rock lobsters at 30 bucks a piece. Drove on to the Pinnacles, which was quite nice- I had no idea it was over such a large area! Took a nice walk around, looking at the huge limestone rocks. And then made our way to the sand dunes at Lancelin.

Having a passenger seat in a 4WD was amazing. I had a perfect view of everything and when the bus driver went down some steep slopes, I was hanging on to my seat for dear life. The sand dunes are so beautiful, with their wavy patterns blown by the wind. After coasting around for a bit, we got out of the bus and got the boards out for a bit of sandboarding.

Waxed our boards, and sandboarded down the dunes. I have to say I had a little chuckle when one of the really noisy kids on the tour somehow managed to get a mouthful of sand. Heeheehee. Exhilarated but exhausted, we finally packed up and made our way back to Perth city.

Took a cab and met Darwin and a couple of his mates (Tiff and Louise?) at the Garden down at Leederville. Nice chillout pub. So far the places that Darwin's been taking me to has been quite cool. Had a couple of beers, chatted a little, and then headed back home. Long but satisfying Wednesday.

Went to Hillary's and walked around. Had pizza at one of the many eateries. Then met Junie in the evening. Took a train down to Perth City and had dinner with her at the Brass Knuckle at Northbridge. Went to an indy pub and listened to some music and had a couple of pints before heading back to her place to crash the night.

Picked Uncle Manny up from the airport and took a river cruise to Fremantle. Had lunch at Cervantes and walked around Fremantle.

Went shopping at the Joondalup for an outfilt to wear for Aunty Lin's 60th birthday party in the evening. Also went grocery shopping for stuff to cook for lunch on Sunday.

Cooked lunch and went to Beeliar to hang out with my brother and the kids.

Went to Serpentine National Park but didn't get to trek around (bummer). Had drinks at the Queen with Darwin and Leia at Mt Lawley.

That's today- can you tell I'm getting too lazy to blog about my trip? Hahahahahaha. Am sick, throat hurts, and I can't wait to get back to the humidity of Singapore. Who would have thought?