Saturday, June 11, 2011

No, Not Now! .. And Perth So Far

Gah. One of the worst things that could happen when you're on a holiday would be to fall sick. Dammit. The back of my throat is inflammed and I woke up hacking giant globs of sticky, green phlegm. Which is actually better than yesterday when my body was producing sticky, brown phlegm. But still. Blech.

Anyway. Perth so far has been quite fun. The kids are amazing and it's been great catching up with all my family and friends here. I've had quite an equal balance of hanging out with the family, doing touristy stuff, and getting the local scene.


We arrived at 1am and got back to my brother's place at about 2ish am. Yes, you can bring foodstuff into Australia! We brought in packs and packs of different curries and sauces for Windy and Aunty Thelma, and as long as they are vacuum sealed and you declare it at the airport, it's ok. It'll only take a little bit longer to clear immigration.

Gave the kids their presents first thing in the morning, and I'm glad that they were happy with what I bought for them. Lesson learnt: legos can be quite tedious to build, so unless you're prepared to sift through the tiny little pieces and put them together, I'd suggest not buying them as presents. Lol.

Went for a short walk around the suburb while my brother and his family went to church. Perth is pretty, with lots of greenery around: parks and lakes and fields and bushland. Seems like a nice place to raise a family.

First toursity stop of the day was Fremantle where we met up with Ate Lele and Ate Judith. Had lunch at Cicerello's and had the famous fish and chips. Also shared a plate of chili mussels- yummy. Went to the e-shed markets and also wanted to go to the Little Creatures brewery, but the queue there was just too long.

Bought some groceries and went to Ate Lele's for a BBQ dinner. Lol how Australian.


Packed our bags as we were going to stay at Aunty Thelma's for the rest of the week. She managed to get her leave approved so could take us around.

Drove to the Caversham Wildlife Park and got up close with various Australian native animals. Got to feed some sluggish kangaroos and pet the koalas. I want to be a koala! They are professional sleepers and can sleep up to 20 hours a day. The remaining 4 hours are spent eating. How awesome is that?

Headed down to Swan Valley where we hit the Chocolate Factory and also the Sandalford Vineyard. It was here that I discovered an entertaining game with Ethan- Starwars Lego has sent you a message! I'd hide his Starwars lego, snap a picture of it, and tell him that the lego sent him a message. Based on the picture, he'd have to hunt for the lego. Lol.

Had dinner back at Aunty Thelma and finally got to meet Racquel and Leon. Headed for a quick beer at the Sovereign Arm, a pub that was nearby, with them and Darwin. Ah, my first local pub experience.

.. to be continued. Breakfast time!

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