Friday, June 24, 2011

Google Translate FTW

Decided to plonk the lyrics of the AHS school song into google translate, and this is what I got. LOLOLOLOL

Weather mighty towering male Hongxue homes confrontation, Lion Island
Holy justice Road were Zhaoxi Jia name Anglican
Counseling Erduo Shi Shenmolongwei God linru bow
Chunxian Mo calm dry summer cloud chant from verdant trees
Jinde they fail the tree into the wind the three religions on the four virtues
John Christ's elite forever Bangguo of the city dry

And the original school song:

浩荡嵯峨气象雄 黉舍峙,狮岛中
圣洁公义道之宗 肇锡佳名号圣公
咨�多士慎磨砻 维上帝 临汝躬
春弦夏�莫从容 干云之木自青葱
进德修业树风声 三教就四德成
永为基督之精兵 永为邦国之干


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