Tuesday, June 28, 2011


A couple of months ago, I decided to do some digital spring-cleaning. I had hundreds of people on my msn list, and almost (or was it more than?) 600 friends on my facebook account.

My msn account had the weirdest names on the list, most of which I did not recognise anymore. Probably ex colleagues or work contacts or old school mates that I barely kept in touch with.

And because the email IDs were so random (very few people use their real names), it was hard to figure out who raincloud or pinkprincess or wizard or shoebox was.

Facebook wasn't as bad, I actually knew every single person I added to my account. (I don't add any ol' random person who decides to add me on facebook. That's what my fake facebook account is for. Lol.) And with their photos and mutual friends, even if you didn't quite remember, you could sorta figure it out.

Plus, I had set up my privacy settings so that mere acquaintances couldn't see my personal stuff like photos and updates.

However, having 600 people meant a barrage of videos and links and photos that I didn't really care for. Sure, it was nice to stalk old school mates and such, but do I really care about what that exchange student I snogged in 2002 does today?

(In the random event that you're reading this, Cordy-boy, you'll always be my favourite German boy.)

So, off with their heads! I went about culling my facebook and msn list mercilessly, deleting people based on the following criteria:

For msn:
Do I even know you? (Yes you, the raincloud / pinkprincess / wizard / shoebox. Among many others.) No? Delete!
Have I chatted with you in the past year? No? Delete!

For facebook:
Are you an old school mate or ex colleague that I've actually not contacted since the time we were in school/work, if not for facebook? Yes? Del... Hang on, are you cute or have interesting posts? Yes? Mmm I'll keep you. If not, delete!
Are you living in India? Yes? Delete!

And sure enough, I managed to trim my facebook friends' list down to a hundred over people and deleted the random contacts on my msn account.

Of course, the downside is having to decide what to do if a once-deleted contact has made a friend request. But not a big deal, I'll figure it out.

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