Saturday, June 4, 2011

Procrastination In Action

Had breakfast with esdee this morning. Met up with her to borrow her 1TB HDD so I could grab the latest season of The Big Bang Theory, as well as other movies and series that she's got saved. Got back home at about 11ish am, and my mom and I have this exchange:

mom: have you wrapped your presents?
me: nope
mom: have you packed your bags?
me: nope
mom: then what are you doing???
me: reading newspaper

Heehee I bet my mom's wondering where I inherited this procrastinator-gene.

Anyway, I decided to get off my ass and wrap the presents. Mom bought some wrapping paper, and I had picked up some scotch tape while I was out in the morning.

More than an hour later, the presents I bought were FINALLY wrapped. And I'm sososososo glad that I do not do this (wrap gifts) on a regular basis. Thank god my friends are satisfied with me buying birthday dinners.

It's 12.30pm and my flight is in 6 hours. Plenty of time to take a nap and pack later. Zzz.

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