Friday, June 24, 2011

OMG I'm Such An Uncle Now

Interesting evening today. Had dinner and drinks with Amit tonight after work. Shisha, wine, kebabs, debunking myths and a whole host of giggles. Sometimes, it's nice to just chill out at home and just nua.

Had a short nap, and then went to meet EYS, Kenneth and SH at the Serangoon Garden Country Club. Walked into the pub and I must say, being the only gal = head turner. Plus it helps that I was actually formally dressed and looking really good because I had an interview today. Hehehe.

Beers, more food, dai di, and... cigars. Lol for someone who is my doctor, he's actually quite a bad influence, what with all the shishas and now cigars. Tsk tsk.

So the three men took my virgin cigar experience, and I must say it wasn't as unpleasant as I thought it would be. Stopped when I found out there was nicotine in the damn thing though. Lol. What kind of doctor do I have?

Told EYS about my afternoon discovery, and he says men are stupid. How true. He also agreed when the words "piece of shit", "desperate asshole" and "morally lacking skank" came out. Hehehe. Gotta love my friends.

Anyway, the cigars were more expensive than I thought, and cost 40 bucks a pop. Need to tell Amit that they don't cost a dollar or two, or ten bucks for a decent one like he says.

It was a good evening though, but now I'm ready to take my melatonin and zzz. Plus I taste like a smoker now. Ick. Goodnight world!

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