Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Anyone Up For A Sweaty Hug?

My mom went for her daily walk in the morning and since I didn't follow her and haven't exactly been very regular with my walks, I decided to go for a quick jog this evening.

Broke my fast and had a fairly light dinner (only one serving of rice!) and a glass of orange juice, watched a bit of telly (to make up for the lack last night hahaha) and then set off.

Did alright and was about to complete one round when I felt my dinner coming up my throat. Slowed to a walk and took a couple of deep breaths but it was too late. Soon I was hurling over the drain and waiting for the heaves to subside.

Had to abort the jog and made my way back home. Feeling rather bummed, but I guess I went out too soon after dinner and didn't give my body time to rest and digest my food. Lesson learned for next time!

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