Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yay Yay Yay!

Three things to be happy about today. Ooh, four actually.

1/ My SIM card is back in working order! I can receive calls and sms-es now. Sweet. Went to the shop and the lady used my SIM card on her phone and it worked perfectly. Which was rather embarrassing for me, but who cares! It works!

2/ My MIL cooked beef rendang for me. Slurp. She says it's because I've only been having oats and bread for breakfast (while everyone else eats rice) so I can eat the rendang with my bread tomorrow. Unfortunately I don't think she knows that I'm making a conscientious effort not to have too much salt in the mornings so I don't get so thirsty in the day. Oh well. *love*

3/ Hmm. I can't remember what the other 2 things are. Lol.

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