Saturday, September 6, 2008

Taking It Slow

Seeing how the only times I feel motivated to work out are when it's totally inappropriate to do so (like when I'm fasting or when it's the middle of the night or when it's storming), I seized the moment when the thought sneaked it's way into my head this morning.

Yeah it's the fasting month, but I'm exempt these few days (read: I'm having my period and the latest technology by feminine hygiene products promised total freedom and protection) and the time and weather seemed just right. I changed into my running pants and t-shirt, put on my shoes, grabbed my iPod and headed out the door.

I just wanted to take it slow, check out the distance of the jogging route and see whether my joints could hold up. I turned on my music, did a brisk walk to the park, and started my jog and the workout timer on my Nike+ when I reached the entrance. There weren't many people there, which was surprising because it's a Saturday (it is, right?) and I thought the park would be filled with families and joggers and all sorts of people.

Anyway by the time the first song on my playlist was done, I was already at the end of the loop! Which means it only takes about 3 minutes to jog from one end to the other. I turned back and when I reached the end / entrance my second song hadn't even finished playing.

Looked at the timer and was not surprised that I only took about 6 minutes to do a loop, and it was only slightly more than 1km. I contemplated doing another loop but laziness got the better of me, so I walked back home. Hehehe. Was feeling good though, knees held up OK and the shoes provided much comfort and support.

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