Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What I've Been Up To

Met up with Sharon and Linda for dinner last night. Sharon's birthday was coming up and we decided to meet up to celebrate. We headed to Takashimaya and decided to have dinner at Breeks, and we ordered SO MUCH. We shared one of those platter things, with buffalo wings, calamari, prawn fritters and waffle fries. I had the baked dory with lime chili sauce, with spaghetti on the side and since it was a set, I had a soup and ice cream as well.

By the time we were done eating, the place was closing so we decided to go on to the nearby 24 hour Swenson's. Even though we were already stuffed, we somehow managed to find it in ourselves to order more dessert. Lol. I had some sundae while Linda and Sharon shared an apple cobbler. *burp*

It was such a fantastic evening. We haven't seen each other in months and had a blast catching up. One of the wonderful things about friendships like this is that no matter how much time has passed in between, we always manage to pick up and continue from the last time we met.

Then I had a catch up with Trina this afternoon. The poor girl had a flu and was heading home to rest. She thought I was too far away to have a meet up but turns out I was only 3 stops away (since I'm at my parents' place). Popped down to Kovan and accompanied her while she had lunch, and then we walked around for a bit before she went back home to have a rest.

I was quite pleased to find that there was a nursery at Kovan, so I might go down there one day with my mom to see if there are any plants she wants to get. It's not as big as the ones at Thomson Road, but I guess it should do.

Got back home and my mom wanted to go for a walk. We went to the shop and she bought a pair of running shoes and then she brought me along the route she normally walks. We had a nice stroll, chatting along the way and just enjoying each other's company. Not surprisingly, I was constantly lost and would wrongly point out the way to go, much to my mom's dismay. Hehehe.

Ooh time to go, going to bake a bread pudding with mom now. :D

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