Sunday, September 28, 2008

Water, I Need Water!

Gah! I just spent the last couple of hours chatting with my dad, and I haven't had a sip of water since 3ish am. Just as I was about to get up and look for my water bottle, I realised that it's probably time to start fasting already. AHHHHH.

Bummer. We all know how talking non-stop for hours on end makes your mouth so dry. Oh well. Maybe I'll go to bed and sleep till it's time to break my fast. Hehehehe. I'm awfully tempted to go for a jog now, but that's just my tendency to want to exercise at inappropriate moments kicking in.

3 more days of fasting! Woohoo! I thought it was 5 more days or so, but 5 more days is actually the number of days till my holiday! YAAAAAY!

Note to self: Make important phone call on Monday afternoon.

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