Tuesday, September 2, 2008


If there's anything harder for me to tolerate than the temporary absence of my laptop, 2 things would make the list. Firstly would be the permanent absence of said laptop, and secondly would be having a not functioning phone.

(Of course personal tragedies aren't in the same category yah.)

Well, technically my phone is working fine. That's why you can see my periodic blog updates and occasionally see me on msn. However, I can't seem to make / receive phone calls or smses!

I've tried changing my SIM card to another phone, rebooting my phone, turning it off for a couple of hours. It's still not connecting to the network. How frustrating!

To make things worse, I'm expecting a couple of calls and no one will be able to get me. *sigh* I need to pop by the shop later to see what's going on.

Anyway, yesterday was the first time (I think) that I've sat down with majority of the family at the table for a meal. Everyone was present except my fil who was at work and the sills hubby, who was also at work.

Have to say, I've it was nice to have everyone sitting down having a meal together.

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