Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Viva La Vivo

Haven't really been up to much the past few days. My sis had to go to the office over the weekend (both Sat and Sun) and I tagged along because I was bored and had nothing to do. Man, if I could choose which office to work in I'd choose hers. I think I've gushed about the ergonomically designed tables and chairs before- everything is fully adjustable (even the heights of the tables! You could work standing up if you wanted to!) so that you'll be comfortable working.

She didn't spend too much time in the office, seeing how it was the weekend, so on Saturday we headed to the cinema at Vivocity and caught Disaster Movie. It was one of those spoof movies and wasn't terribly funny but a good way to kill time till it was time to break fast.

We had dinner at Thai Accent, and shared a platter of spring rolls, fish cakes, wontons and fried prawns. It was quite good and I really liked the dipping sauce that they served it with. We also had a portion of white rice each, and shared a green curry chicken and a tom kha gai. Yummy! I love Thai food.

On Sunday, we walked around Vivocity and bought some ingredients to make these pineapple coconut balls. It was a very simple recipe- crushed pineapples, sugar, dessicated coconut, eggs and a bit of vanilla essence. (Shall post pictures and recipes later). We queued up at Sushi Tei and waited for time to break fast and having all the little plates of sushi roll by on the conveyor belt was actually quite hard to bear. Lol.

Didn't have much to do on Monday so spent the day playing Balloon Invasion. Hahaha. Yes, I love mindless shooting games. Had to run some errands in town again so met my sister for the third time at Vivocity (she works near there, in case it's not apparent) and then had a sandwich at Cedele when it was time to break fast.

Hard to imagine this is the 23rd day of fasting and there are only 7 more days to go. How fast time passes by eh?

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