Monday, September 1, 2008

Why Do I Do Things Like This?

I've just spent the entire day cleaning my room and shifting furniture around in anticipation of my new desk. I dusted everything, wiped every surface, threw out junk, swept and mopped the floor.

And I think I really did a good job of it. My floors are almost sparkling and my shelves are no longer a dusty shade of grey. (Yes! I can finally see the surface area!)

This cleaning frenzy might strike some who know me, especially ex-colleagues, as strange. In the office, my desk used to be well known for being the messiest around. So why the sudden change?

I reckon it's one of the traits of being a Libran. Contrary to popular belief, the scales don't represent a balanced character, but one who swings from one extreme to the other in trying to balance oneself. I think. Lol.

Anyway, after an entire morning and afternoon of hard work, I shifted the last piece of furniture to it's new location and realised with dread that MY NEW DESK WON'T BE ABLE TO FIT IN!!! And the new configuration didn't quite look as good as I had imagined either, so I had to shift everything around. Again.

(But not after collapsing on the floor in despair and slapping myself for not taking any measurements. I guess my sense of spacial judgement is just as non-existent as my sense of direction. No wonder I cannot parallel park. Or reverse vertical park. Or judge the speed of vehicles coming from behind.)

So I'm almost back to square one, except that everything is all clean and I've managed to clear a little bit more of floor space. I'll wait for the Hubby to come back before I continue though. *exhausted*

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