Saturday, September 20, 2008

GuNiang Bunny Goes To Town

Hehehe I shocked LGG and the Yummies this evening when I met them for dinner all dolled up in a cute little dress. This was the first time any of them have seen me so guniang (ladylike) and I think there was a little jaw dropping action going on. Lol.

We met up to break fast at Sakura and ordered so much food. We had beef fried rice, chicken fried rice, butter prawns, lemon chicken, beef kai lan and tom yum chicken soup. *slurp* The food was delicious but we over-ordered, plus we wanted to go for dessert when Mr Yummy suggested going for ice cream. Ooh you gotta love a man who eats desserts!

Headed to Canele's and drooled over their menu. There were so many choices of delectable desserts. I had the passionfruit banana sorbet, LGG had the rose ice cream, Mr Yummy had the praline ice cream and Yummy had the vanilla ice cream. Mmmmmm it was so good. And greedy us even ordered a chocolate crepe to share!

I had napped in the afternoon and wasn't feeling tired, so decided to try and see if Wenzz (hahahahaha new nick!) was free. And yay! She was having drinks nearby and could meet me. Made plans to meet up with her and we ended up at Canele's again lol. By this time I was already stuffed to the brim so just had a pot of tea (I think it was a chamomile + lemon myrtle blend).

We had a very nice time catching up and updating each other on the goings on in our lives. The last time we met up was so long ago, before she went to Europe! But again, this is the kind of friendship that still stands strong even after a couple of months of absence.

Her friend, Stan, had popped over to Singapore for the weekend and was staying in a hotel nearby so we met up with him to say hi and have a quick chat. He was a nice enough guy, friendly and easy going. Made me miss knowing new people through work.

Anyway, after he went back to his room to have his dinner, we continued chatting and left just in time to catch the last (or second last) train back home. I'm feeling so full and satisfied. *burp*

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wdy521 said...

You looked really cute in that happy to be able to catch up sooooo much!!

Have graet fun at Bhutan!!! See you when you r back!! ;)