Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things You Shouldn't Do Before Bed

Woah I had the most ridiculous dream last night. In my dream, there was one of those support groups for people who had cancer, and in the dream Paris Hilton was diagnosed with breast cancer and was discussing her options.

For some reason, she was very sure she wanted a mastectomy and the doctor and other patients (who somehow were ALL male) were asking her to reconsider. "Because a woman's breasts make her who she is." Huh?!?!

And her reply to all that was "It's hot." Lol.

Finally this woman (who looked amazingly like the SuperNanny) steps in the room. She took a look at Paris and listened to the discussions, then agreed with Paris on her decision. She said, "Anyway your breasts are so small. Even if you take them out no one will notice."


This is why you should not watch e! and read articles on Women's Weekly about breast cancer just before sleeping.

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