Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bunny Goes To Bhutan!

YAY! We've finally booked all the flight tickets for our Bhutan trip! We had originally booked the Kathmandu - Bhutan - Kathmandu leg, but found out later that all Singapore - Kathmandu - Singapore flights were FULLY BOOKED.

We had quite a few nerve wrecking moments trying to change flights and book tickets and finally managed to find flights from KL - Kathmandu - KL. Yippie! Since we'll be up in KL, LGG and I were planning to go a little earlier and spend a few days there. Heehee.

Our tentative travel dates are:

1 Oct: Singapore - KL
4 Oct: KL - Kathmandu
5 Oct: Kathmandu - Bhutan
10 Oct: Bhutan - Kathmandu
15 Oct: Kathmandu - KL
16 Oct: KL - Singapore

Sweet! I'm so excited!

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